2nd Opinion Service


Our 2nd Opinion Service is second to none. With 75% of these calls, we find the original diagnosis to be incomplete or a misdiagnosis entirely. Virtually all of these result in significant savings for the client. We diagnose the real problem, with a perspective of keeping your equipment running and ensuring the longevity of your investment.

Installation Review


The Installation Review will ensure installers didn’t “cut corners” and they followed all safety and efficiency best practices. We are so confident in this service and the value it adds to your investment that we offer it at a reduced cost. It is just one way we work hard to earn your trust and business.

3/10 Inspection


Deluxe Refrigeration’s 3/10 service is an ongoing inspection protocol designed specifically for your equipment.  We evaluate factors specific to the equipment you rely on and how your people use it in order to eliminate reactive service calls and keep your company running smoothly. It is a highly proactive method of preventing downtime and adding value to your bottom line.

Remote Monitoring


Our Remote Monitoring System allows Deluxe Refrigeration to continuously verify that your refrigeration or freezer equipment is running to specification (both in terms of temperature control and overall efficiency). We monitor your equipment 24/7/365.  If a variance occurs, we alert you and schedule a visit for diagnosis to catch it early, minimizing product loss.